As the 2020 election approached I kept asking myself, “Why don’t these candidates fit my views?” “Why in an election that means so much am I not more excited for the future?”. “Why does it all feel like a red and blue fight rather than a red white and blue fight?” I believe very few hold views are strictly conservative or strictly liberal, but we all agree on one thing… The system is broken. Government is broken and it’s no longer serving its constituents.

I went on a search for why and how this has become the case. I started reading about how government works in the United States, how elections work in the United States, and how we the people can fix it. That’s when I came across The Politics Industry. It’s a beautifully insightful search for the solutions to our dysfunctional system. It navigates through the wreckage of the past, unravels the knot of the present, and provides solutions for the future. There are moments in the read when I felt we were trapped in a system that is doomed to fail only to be saved by real concrete recommendations as to how we can all come together to remedy our democracy.

We can not live under the illusion that we will get everything we want, all the time. Life is a compromise. Government is a series of compromises. The polarization of representation in the country is driving a zero-sum outcome for which we can not stand. There are ideas and positions on both sides that have merit and are good and should have a path to implementation. We are better than what we are currently delivering. Understanding what’s broken and what we as citizens need to do is the first step to changing it. The Politics Industry delivers on a plan forward. I am not blind to the fact that these changes will not be easy. Pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice.

I highly recommend you chose to read The Politics Industry and let’s fix it together.

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